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Today pineapple is born. This will be my slice of happiness and I hope it will be yours too. I look forward to sharing with you snippets of what brightens my day. So who am I? That’s one thing I’ll never…oh hang on a minute that’s Gossip Girl.  I am someone who is obsessed with food, from paleo to fine dining – hello Heston – and anything in between, “Man finds food anyone”? Food porn in all its wonderful forms brings me never ending mouth-watering joy; so expect to see a healthy blend of nutritious and drool worthy pics.   

As a recently crowned marathon runner, woohoo, I am fascinated by all things health and fitness and can be found enjoying a run or a ride wherever there is gorgeous scenery. I am a long-term amateur yogi and to spice things up I’ll be throwing some boxing in there soon too, in a separate class of course.


Since I first stepped into a library I have been in love with books. The smell of a new book is intoxicating and so too is one click purchasing on my kindle.  From those early days of school readers and the MS read-a-thon I have graduated to book clubs, a very happy collaboration of friends, food and fiction, oh and sometimes there are bubbles too. For me, our book of the year was The Death of Bees.

My first overseas trip was to Hawaii and since that week in Waikiki I still daydream of those warm seas, tropical sunshine and perfect combination of the beauty of nature, my favourite foods and sensational shopping.  That trip was like my gateway drug to a constant supply of wonderful holiday highs, each one more addictive than the next.

So that’s a little bit about pineapple and an insight into what you can expect to see.  I look forward to sharing happiness with you. Follow me on Facebook, Instagram or twitter.

PS.  You may have guessed that I am a learner at this blogging/website caper, so please be kind!

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